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Here it is : The e-mail that offered Pay TV for free (100% undetectable)

The wonderful world of e-mail moves into the News Corp headlines today as the Australian Financial Review puts online a selection from 14,400 e-mails it accessed in preparing its report on the alleged sabotage of Pay-TV operators by a secret unit said to be connected to News Corp. If you don't have time for 14,400 e-mails, this conversation will give you a hint of it all. This message does not refer to an Australian company. Instead the company at the centre of it is ONdigital, the British ITV company which, according to Panorama, crashed after it was sabotaged by thousands of viewers being given free access to its programmes. Original Message----- From: Shiloh, Yehonatan Sent: Tuesday, November 23, 1999 12:34 PM To: Sofer, Helith Cc: Adams, Ray; Coulthurst, Andy; Rose, Ted Subject: OnDigital A website (that also promotes an alleged hack for Sky Digital) advertises a hack for OnDigital: http://members.xoom.com/hac_k1ng/index.htm OnDigital Boxed decoder set Simply the boxed OnDigital decoder with internal mod allowing freeview of all avaliable channels (100% undectectable 18 mth guarantee) £399UKP in a forum (accessible through this web-site: http://network54.com/Hide/Forum/43164 ) a posting has been made which states: OnDigital hack works! by dave Yes the Ondigital hack is working fine.. Posted on Nov 21 1999 , 01:39 PM (found at http://network54.com/Hide/Forum/message?forumid=43164&messageid=943220342 ) Regards, Yoni Shiloh e-mail: YShiloh@ndsisrael.com phone: +972 (2) 5894437 fax: +972 (2) 5861814 cell: +972 (51) 958627

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