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Centre for Mathematics of Human Behaviour at the University of Reading appoints Bloom to develop a next generation social monitoring tool

L-R - Peter Laflin, Fiona Ainley, Phil JefferiesL-R - Peter Laflin, Fiona Ainley, Phil Jefferies

The Centre for Mathematics of Human Behaviour at the University of Reading has teamed up with integrated communications agency Bloom to develop a next generation social monitoring tool.

The tool, which is currently under trial and set to launch in September, uses mathematical algorithms to enable users to better understand how and where influence grows over a campaign and map viral growth.

Alex Craven, managing director at Bloom, said: “Existing social listening tools scrape data from the web to give you an indication of volume and make clumsy attempts to gauge sentiment. The revolutionary elements of our system help you truly understand how a campaign rolls out and measure centres of influence. We will help users understand their audiences’ relationship to the brand by mapping cause and effect.”

The tool will also measure, visualise and aid understanding of how a set of events have evolved and influenced a brand through social media.

The development of the tool is led by Bloom’s insight team, experts in large data analytics and behavioural modelling, comprising of Peter Laflin, senior analyst and project lead; Phil Jefferies, head of analysis; and Fiona Ainley, numerical analyst.


27 Mar 2012 - 12:35
Gordon Young's picture

The very fact that a communications agency is teaming up with some maths fans shows how quickly this business is evolving. Its great to see mathematicians, scientists and researchers becoming part of the creative ecosystem.

27 Mar 2012 - 17:35
alexcraven's picture

Thanks for your comment Gordon, I think this is indicative of what 'marketing' looks like in the 'digital' age. Brands are collecting huge amounts of data, data that contains absolutely critical insights that may hold the key to the future of their business, the challenge is how to analyse that data to extract these. I hear the term 'recreational mathematics' in the office way too often nowadays.

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