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Foreign Office launches new online presence for Iranians

Foreign Office launches new online presence for IraniansForeign Office launches new online presence for Iranians

The Foreign Office has today published a website and social media outlet to provide a platform from which to initiate dialogue between the Iranian people and the British government.

“UK for Iranians” gives Iranians an insight into life in Britain alongside an explanation of its foreign policy as a counterweight to the propaganda published by the clerical regime which currently holds sway.

Incorporating Google+, Twitter and Facebook accounts the site aims to channel the power of social media to initiate a free conversation.

Speaking at the launch Foreign Secretary William Hague acknowledged that “relations are clearly difficult between our governments”, but added “we want to be as open as we can to the people of Iran.

“I hope that the year 1391 (in the Arabic calendar) will be a year, whatever strong disagreement between our governments, in which the history and culture and nature of our peoples can still be celebrated and the contact between them can be strengthened and enjoyed.”


14 Mar 2012 - 16:02
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Dear Sir/Madam, As you know british embassy in Tehran(capital of Iran) is close, and Iranian have to travel to Turkey or UAE to get visa for the UK. This process normaly takes quite long time; for instance to get settlement visa, applicant must wait 12 to 24 weeks and meanwhile his/her passport stays in UK embassy with other supporting documents which makes applicant to stay(unwanted) in one of thoese contries and sustains lots of unwanted travel expenses. I suggest to the authorities that, after initial document checking, release applicant's passport and give them chance to stay in their own contry while are waiting for your response. By doing that you will making life easier for thousands of Iranian and I am sure they will appreciate your help.

Please be reminded in case if you would like to contact me, this is my email address: d.swimmer@yahoo.com Best regards


15 Mar 2012 - 13:57
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1391 is not (the number of years) in Arabic Calender. It is in Persian Calender. 4 days after this 1390 will be finished and we are entering 1391 in Persian Calender. Just saying...


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