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Keltie Cochrane completes Star Wars book designs

Keltie Cochrane has the forceKeltie Cochrane has the force

Newcastle agency Keltie Cochrane has designed the final front cover in the series of Star Wars novels.

San Francisco-based Lucas Film Ltd is due to release ‘Apocalypse’ around the globe today, marking the end of a lucrative four-year illustrative project for Keltie Cochrane.

The design studio has created the covers for all nine novels and an animated trailer for the final book.

Keltie Cochrane was sought out directly by Random House in New York and Lucas Film Ltd in San Francisco to pitch for the design of the Star Wars novels, beating a New York movie poster design studio to win the brief.

Creative director Ian Keltie said: “We are very privileged to have worked with Star Wars; it’s been a dream come true.

“The brand being so huge worldwide has been a fantastic profile builder, however it has also meant there was an immense amount of pressure on us to deliver something that the dedicated fans would appreciate.

“A hidden gem to the project was that in order to create the artwork I was given the passwords to the Star Wars image vault which is full of the original photography and behind the scenesimagery, which I had to promise to never share – I felt honoured to be part of a privileged few with something that was so special to so many people.

“The entire project has been an overwhelming experience; from visiting Lucas Films in San Francisco and seeing original costumes, props and artwork, to having our own designs unleashed on a powerful worldwide community – it has certainly been one I will always look back on with pride.

"We are really looking forward to the unveiling of the final book and hope it helps to start a new chapter for us with more exciting projects in the future.”

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