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Facebook unveils new premium advertising updates

Facebook unveils new premium advertising updatesFacebook unveils new premium advertising updates

Ignoring warnings of a possible backlash Facebook has officially unveiled its new premium advertising and sponsored story strategy.

This will see the social media giant introduce new placements for premium advertising as well as permit sponsored stories on Facebook’s mobile news feed and log-out screen.

The changes are intended to enhance the visibility of stories related to businesses and organisations which Facebook stress is merely bringing the mobile environment into line with the existing desktop model.

As currently users will only see Sponsored Stories if their friends privacy settings are set to allow it.

In addition Facebook will also introduce Offers, a tool for enabling businesses to share promotions directly from a Facebook page and propagated through the news feed or promoted as a sponsored story.

Finally Facebook has given marketers the opportunity to engage with people at the end of their session by displaying a related Page post or social context on the log-out screen.

The changes will be rolled out internationally over the coming weeks and months.

It follows an update to Facebook’s brand pages revealed by The Drum yesterday.

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1 Mar 2012 - 10:04
willa17703's picture

The new ad formats will provide brands with an even more compelling way of marrying up a brand’s Facebook ad executions with their content. The freedom to create interactive ads, much like the activity that currently takes place on a brand’s page, brings premium ads in line with the development of marketplace ads over the last 12 months.

This level of flexibility – building on the various iterations of sponsored story ad formats we’ve seen recently – is what will really show brands the benefit of Facebook advertising. We’ve already seen that through intelligent use of formats such as sponsored stories brands can expect a significant uplift in engagement from users and a move towards interactive premium ads will only see this increase.

Social advertising, and Facebook advertising in particular, is fast becoming the go-to tool for marketers in the social space and we anticipate this move to premium ads will drive a significantly increased adoption rate of Facebook ads as part of the media mix.


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