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Tesco unveils social media campaign with We Are Social to promote virtual fitting room

Tesco unveils social media campaign with We Are Social to promote virtual fitting roomTesco unveils social media campaign with We Are Social to promote

Tesco has today announced that it is launching a virtual 3D fitting room for its customers, created by fashion technology start-up Metail, and promoted by We Are Social.

The system allows users to create 3D digital versions of themselves from a photograph uploaded on to a virtual fitting room page, which they can sue to see how F&F clothes would look on them.
Emily Shamma, director of Tesco online clothing, said: “The huge potential of Metail’s virtual fitting room app struck us immediately. There has been technology like this before, but nothing of this standard.
“We Are Social has really got under the skin of how women discuss fashion online, and built a campaign that will encourage them to try out this new technology by integrating it into their existing social behaviour.”

The campaign will run for three weeks, using a blogger outreach campaign as well as Facebook activity to promote the system.

Bloggers are being invited to use the virtual fitting room to create a look from the Clothing at Tesco range – and then to compare their ‘Me_model’ wearing the clothes with how they look wearing the clothes in real life.

On Facebook, users can upload photos of their looks, to be voted on by friends and other Clothing at Tesco fans, with one winner each day receiving a £50 voucher to spend towards creating their look. We Are Social will also be running an ‘Ask my stylist’ feature, where users can ask a Clothing at Tesco stylist how they could accessorise a look.

Deola Laniyan, account director at We Are Social, said: “Clothing at Tesco has been blazing a trail in its attitude and approach to F-commerce for some time now, and the virtual fitting room is an exciting extension of that. We have created a campaign that will not only showcase the potential of the technology, but will also allows us to monitor and understand how people want to interact.”

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