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eBay launches ‘Your Shopping Universe’ TV campaign

eBay launches ‘Your Shopping Universe’ TV  campaigneBay launches ‘Your Shopping Universe’ TV campaign
eBay launches ‘Your Shopping Universe’ TV  campaign

eBay has launched its first UK TV advertising campaign since 2007 with “Your Shopping Universe”, designed to showcase the online marketplace’s range of brand new products.

This reflects evolving purchase habits on the auction site with a majority of those buying goods now electing to pay a fixed price for brand new items rather than bid on second hand wares.

The ad depicts a man venturing through a series of rooms, each representing a popular category on the auction site, before picking up a series of products and items. In the closing scene he drives off in a vintage VW convertible as a demonstration of eBay’s effectiveness as a tool for finding unusual items.

It is the first time that eBay has ventured from the computer screen to the television screen since 2007 when it ran with the message ‘buy it, sell it, love it’.

Alex Von Schirmeister, Vice-President of Marketing for Europe, eBay said: “In the past few years, eBay has changed. It’s now a destination to buy the latest laptops and smartphones, high street fashion, even brand new car parts.

“Unlike other e-commerce players, we partner with leading brands but never compete with them. By opening an eBay store – as over 100 high street brands have – retailers now use eBay as part of their sales strategy.”

The campaign, developed by Germany's DDB Tribal, will run throughout the month of March in tandem with a digital advertising push.

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