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Moneysupermarket.com to continue to invest in brand marketing having spent £77.5m in 2011

Moneysupermarket.com to continue to invest in brand marketing having spent £77.5m in 2011Moneysupermarket.com to continue to invest in brand marketing having

Price comparison website Moneysupermarket.com has revealed that its marketing investment for 2011 rose to £77.5m for 2011.

As the company released its financial results for last year, including a 118% rise in pre-tax profits to £16.8m, it also revealed that it’s marketing spend rose by 24%. This included a 24% increase in offline (print and broadcast) spend of £27m through the ‘You’re So MoneySupermarket’ campaign.

Last year also saw the company release its first iPhone app for motor insurance comparison prices.

The Group has also said that it intends to continue to invest in its brand and technology this year, with offline media spend around 20% ahead of last year’s figure already. It will also invest in customer data and digital marketing capabilities in order to generate additional value from its technology assets.

Peter Plumb, CEO of MoneySupermarket.com, said: "This is another powerful performance from MoneySupermarket. We saved customers over £900m in 2011, up from £690m in 2010.

"More people are buying a growing number of products via our site. We have continued to invest in the MoneySupermarket brand, in the range of products and tools on the site, and in its ease of use. By giving customers and product providers a better service than they can get elsewhere we have maintained our market leadership, saved households money, built the business, and generated strong returns for shareholders.

"2012 is shaping up to be a really tough year for customers. We expect the opportunity for households to save over £1000 by switching their credit cards, home and motor insurance, loan and energy providers will be very welcome.

"Our systems upgrade programme saw us pioneer the availability of price comparison services on mobile and tablet devices. Existing customers can now renew their cover with just three taps of an iPhone screen. We'll continue to invest in this technology - industry observers predict that over 50% of internet searches will be performed on mobile devices by 2015.

"We are investing more in making MoneySupermarket one of the UK's mainstream household brands, in demonstrating to customers the range of products we offer and the savings they can make, and showing product providers the value of partnering with Moneysupermarket.

"2012 has started well and is shaping up to be another good year."

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