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Sony Vita launches with intro films created by Mi

Sony’s Vita has launches, with intro films for its suite of Augmented Reality games produced by Manchester based creative production studio Mi, to be bundled with the Vita at launch.

The intros feature a pair of rival houses, a character diving off a kitchen table, and some football teams whose plastic bases makes it hard for them to play.

Adam Dickinson, production director, said: “These animations have been a real labour of love for us, we’ve been able to use our unique combination of games and creative experience to answer the brief and deliver work fit for the Vita console”.

“We took care of everything on these intros, concepts, creative development, production, rendering and output. The only thing which wasn’t in house was the sound, which was executed brilliantly by Zelig.

“All the Producers we worked with at Sony Xdev were great clients, we wouldn't have been able to execute these videos in the timeframe and to the standard without their rapid feedback.”

James Hawkins, executive producer at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, said: “It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with Mi on the AR games. Production schedules dictated that the movies were delivered at the same time as the games were being built and we were very impressed with their ability to deliver in this circumstance.

"They clearly understood what we wanted and created exactly the kind of humorous and entertaining animations that we were looking for and that also served to push our development teams even further creatively for the good of all the games.

"We look forward to working with the team again and building a long term working relationship for the future”.

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