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Virgin Media plans takeover of Yeo Valley and Citroën ads during Brit Awards broadcast

Virgin Media plans takeover of Yeo Valley and Citroën ads during Brit Awards broadcastVirgin Media plans takeover of Yeo Valley and Citroën ads during Brit

Virgin Media is planning a takeover of some of the TV adverts airing during the Brit Awards on ITV1, including adverts for brands such as Yeo Valley and Citroën.

The takeover will take place during tonight’s Yeo Valley TV ad, with a few seconds of the advert set to run, before a buffering reel appears as it appears to freeze. The ad then resumes and freezes once again, before asking viewers whether they are willing to put up with online buffering when they are not happy to do so with their TV.

Jeff Dodds, executive director of brand and marketing communications, Virgin Media, said: “The unexpected interruption to primetime TV brings home the message that viewers shouldn’t settle for buffering on TV or online. More and more people are watching content online, from BBC iPlayer to LoveFilm and YouTube, and they deserve a great viewing experience every time. Superfast broadband comes as standard with Virgin Media so our customers can wave bye bye to buffering and enjoy the online TV, films and entertainment they love.”

Andrew Stephens, joint managing director, Fifty6, said: “This is the first time we’ve taken over another brand’s TV ads and were delighted by the positive reaction to the idea. We’ve worked across brands and agencies to make this happen and are delighted to have unveiled the campaign during the Brit Awards, one of the year’s TV highlights.”

The campaign will run as part of the current campaign from Virgin Media to highlight that the company is doubling the speed of its broadband.

More ad takeovers will follow the Yeo Valley and Citroën ad breaks.

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