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Scottish journalist Alf Young reveals that former Rangers chairman Sir David Murray demanded his sacking

Scottish journalist Alf Young reveals that former Rangers chairman Sir David Murray demanded his sackingScottish journalist Alf Young reveals that former Rangers chairman Sir

One of Scotland’s most respected journalists, Alf Young, has revealed how former Rangers FC’s owner, Sir David Murray , demanded to have him sacked over stories in The Herald on his business interests.

Writing in The Scotsman on Saturday, Young claimed that Rangers FC’s descent into administration is a result of decisions taken years ago, in bank and in boardroom.

Young, who held several senior editorial posts at the Herald before he retired from the paper, recalled, that in 1988 ..."when the news came through that he (Murray) was buying Rangers, I was as astonished as everyone else.

“Some three years on, with the early 1990s recession beginning to bite, my editor called me into his office. ‘I’ve heard there are serious problems with David Murray’s property interests. Could you check it out?’ he suggested.

“I talked to my contacts and checked out the relevant company accounts. It rapidly became clear there were problems. They were big ones.

….”And this was happening at the same time when a recently-acquired Rangers’ overdraft had tripled in the space of a year. All in all, my editor’s whispers had substance.

“This was a story of considerable significance for both the bank and for the credibility of David Murray’s growing business empire.

“When the stories on what I had found appeared, he went ballistic. There were demands I be sacked. I have never spoken to David Murray from that day to this.

“I once found myself in his company, tried to broker a peace and was right royally snubbed for my pains.

“I’m telling you all this because it illustrates how the events of recent days – plunging one half of the Old Firm into ignominious administration and threatening its very existence in its present form – have been incubating for a very long time indeed.”


9 May 2012 - 13:25
smash14448's picture

Alf Young obviously not conforming to the "Succulent Lamb" school of Scottish journalism. The ironic thing is, if more journalists had had the courage to write negatively about SDM and Rangers, perhaps they wouldn't be in this mess now.

9 May 2012 - 14:27
brend21314's picture

Too many people thought it would never happen to Rangers...they were the team of the establishment, 'We are the People'...the untouchables..... the authorities will look after us..... well Karma has arrived and Rangers will soon be no more.... Hopefully, David Murray will accept his big chunk of the blame for the part he played in the clubs demise.... he seems to specialise in deflecting blame too, like many more past and present at that club!

10 May 2012 - 10:20
mccah19754's picture

All the sweeping under the carpet and digging their heads in the sand is now coming back to bite the scottish media right where it hurts, if they had shown "due diligence" and reported accordingly then we would not be witnessing the end of rfc...ironic that...what is it they same....what goes around comes around and all the lies and bigoted reporting of the past is coming around right now...oh and as for "sir" david murray? When are the Scottish media going to start doing their jobs properly and start printing...drop the "sir" "david" you aint worth it...there are many many reasons why...who is going to be first to print them???


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