Community Channel rapped by Ofcom over 4pm episode of Bricking It with over 45 uses of ‘fuck’

The Community Channel has been found in breach of the broadcast code by Ofcom for showing an episode of Bricking It, featuring over 45 uses of the word ‘fuck’ and its derivatives, at 4pm.

Bricking It is a documentary style factual television series following the experiences of ten unemployed teenagers taking on the construction of a luxury flat in six months, with the incentive of a £50,000 completion bonus.

Ofcom investigated following a complaint about the language used in the afternoon showing of the episode.

The Community Channel explained that the series had first been broadcast on Channel 4 in two forms: a series of six programmes shown in the morning and so designed for pre-watershed viewing; and a three part post-watershed compilation. However, as a result of human error, the post-watershed version was shown in the daytime slot.

The channel said that the incident was “truly regrettable” and apologised to viewers on two separate occasions.

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