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The Drum's top five condom adverts

As new condom brand Skyn unveils its launch campaign today, The Drum decided to seek out some of the best condom commercials of all time.

Here are five of our favourites. Let us know yours by tweeting @thedrum or leaving a comment below.

Creative Review: 

Durex - 'Get It On'

Cute and disturbing at the same time, Durex focuses on animal instincts in this playful ad.


We're not entirely sure where this ad for flavoured condoms has come from, but the ending really is a treat. Fruity stuff from overseas.


Not strictly a condom ad, but this spot by TBWA\Paris was acclaimed for packing a serious safe sex message in entertaining fashion.


Don't be fooled by the happy-go-lucky music, this ad for Chocolate-flavoured condoms has a very troubling twist waiting at the end.

'Love Distance'

While some condom ads are vulgar, offensive or tasteless, this Japanese ad for the world's thinnest condom is genuinely lovely. Happy Valentine's Day.