Marks & Spencer develop Aurasma ad with Profero for last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts

Marks & Spencer has unveiled its first augmented reality ad, targeting those searching for last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts.

The ad, which will be situated at Waterloo Station from 9 to 13 February and was devised and created by Profero, invites consumers to hold an enabled phone or tablet device over the image to start the AR experience.

The model in the ad provides gifting inspiration from the M&S’ flower and lingerie ranges, before signposting customers to purchase online from their phones.

Dom McBrien, M&S director of multichannel trading, said: “We’re always keen to offer our customers new and convenient ways to buy our products. Valentine’s Day provides an ideal opportunity to see how our customers respond to augmented reality and help us attract last-minute ‘gifters-on-the-go’. We hope they enjoy the experience.”

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