New Covent Garden Soup Co. panned for win a £500,000 farm competition... with no winner

New Covent Garden's promotion

The New Covent Garden Soup Co. has been slammed by customers after announcing that its 'win a £500,000 farm' competition had no winner.

The brand offered the "life-changing prize" as part of an advertising campaign that began last year. Customers were urged to redeem promotional codes found on packs to stand a chance of winning.

But yesterday New Covent Garden wrote on its Facebook page: "Unfortunately, no one was lucky enough to win themselves a farm this time round."

This prompted a scathing response from the brand's Facebook fans, with several describing the outcome as disappointing and unfair.

Janette Leonard wrote: "shocking, I think we got take (sic) for a ride."

Nigel Parrott, New Covent Garden's group marketing director, told The Drum: "We understand that some consumers are disappointed with the fact that there was no guarantee of the farm being won. We would never seek to disappoint our consumers and have taken their comments very seriously.

"When consumers entered the competition, the code from their pack was randomly assigned a number which was checked against our prize database to determine whether or not it was a winner.

"As stated clearly in the terms and conditions, although the farm was available to be won, there was no guarantee that it would be won. Unfortunately no one won the grand prize this time.

"We have taken our consumers’ feedback on board for out next promotion."

Cameron Clarke

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