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Carnival tops FTSE100 social media index, but Burberry leads on Twitter and Facebook

Carnival tops FTSE100 social media index, but Burberry leads on Twitter and FacebookCarnival tops FTSE100 social media index, but Burberry leads on

Carnival has been named as the FTSE100 company making the most of social media, according to The Group’s FTSE100 latest six-month social media index, but second-ranked Burberry Group came top for Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

The new report from The Group has found a huge increase in the number of people seeking information from FTSE100 companies via social media in the period July to December 2011.

Carnival was found to have a strong presence across all the channels measured and topped the rankings for corporate blogging.

Cathal Smyth, managing director at The Group, said: “The FTSE100 is clearly investing more in reputation management through social media, but our analysis also indicates that demand for information via these channels is outstripping supply.

“The research also suggests that FTSE100 companies could be using some channels such as Facebook and blogging more effectively. It’s notable Twitter is now the most actively used, although 69% of Twitter accounts do not respond to direct queries, which would suggest that social media is being used as a broadcast tool rather than to encourage dialogue.

“This is in line with what we’re picking up from stakeholders that they’d like fewer social media channels from companies and brands but more engagement on the channels that do exist.”

The research found that there has been an increase of 418,395 people following corporate accounts since June 2011, with Facebook up by 4.7 million as well – although only 39 of the FTSE100 have a Facebook account.

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