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McDonald’s Twitter campaign backfires

McDonald’s Twitter campaign backfiresMcDonald’s Twitter campaign backfires

Marketing savvy fast food chain McDonald’s has been left managing the fallout from an ill-advised Twitter campaign after a hunt for #McDStories elicited a string of less than flattering responses from burger fans.

McDonald’s itself got the ball rolling with an on message quote from a potato supplier who said: “When u make something w/pride, people can taste it” and a tweet inviting the curious to ”meet” some of the firms staffers.

Some of the less than wholesome responses however likely weren’t what McDonald’s had in mind, including this remark from @DigitalStokes: “I used to like McDonalds. I stopped eating McDonalds years ago because every time I ate it I felt like I was dying inside.”

@Cate_Storm also got in on the act with a tweet of her own, noting: “I just read that McDonalds chicken nuggets have a foaming agent in them, similar to products used for building materials.”


24 Jan 2012 - 10:00
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@McDonalds I'm not lovin it.

I've had serious e-coli twice from McDonalds. Didn't learn my lesson the first time, but haven't been back since the second time it happened.

The first time I had McDonalds 4 days in a row, ended up with serious e-coli, I lost loads of weight due to it and huge medical bills. Nurses and doctors coming to the house taking blood tests all the time. Wasn't able to leave the house, if i ate anything it came straight back out within 10 seconds as Blood! I wasn't permitted to eat anything or even drink water for 2 full weeks. Doctor told me the only thing I can consume was a small amount of coca cola every 20 minutes, and i really mean small amount. Less than a mouth full of coca cola. After that I was on rice for 2 weeks solid and food never tasted so good.

Second time me and my gf got the e-coli and she didn't quite make it out of the restaurant. I feel sorry for the person who had to clean the toilet because every wall was covered in sick/sh*t and even the door was dripping. She could not control herself, it was coming out of both ends at the same time.

Stay away from this place. Since then I have become a Vegan. So much scientific evidence suggests Meat = Cancer. You only have to look at the way our body is designed to see we shouldn't eat meat. Our intestine is so long that meat ALWAYS rots before leaving the body.


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