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Burger King appoints Cake and Cohn & Wolfe to PR accounts

Burger King appoints Cake and Cohn & Wolfe to PR accountsBurger King appoints Cake and Cohn & Wolfe to PR accounts

Burger King has appointed Cake to handle its consumer PR account, with Cohn & Wolfe to handle corporate and public affairs in the UK and Ireland.

Cake will be tasked with devising innovative PR campaigns to drive the Burger King brand’s quality food positioning in the UK, as well as running a full-service press office.

Cohn & Wolfe will drive an engaging corporate narrative and public affairs dialogue.

Helena Smales, Burger King’s EMEA communications manager, said: “2012 promises to be a pivotal year for the Burger King brand, and we have appointed agency partners that will maximise every success through real creativity, passion and expertise. Cake and Cohn& Wolfe proved they have the skills to help grow the Burger King brand now and in the future - we are looking forward to producing award winning work together.”

Michele Charles, head of PR at Cake, said: “This is a terrific win for Cake. The Burger King brand is well-loved and globally renowned, and offers plenty of creative potential. The brand's ambitious plans for the coming year and beyond give us plenty to get our teeth into. We'll be creating a strategic and effective PR campaign that will encourage reappraisal as well as targeting new audiences – it's a great opportunity, which we can't wait to get started on.”

Andrew Escott, public affairs director at Cohn & Wolfe, added: “Burger King Ltd. has a clear and compelling ambition for its UK restaurants in 2012 and we are delighted to join their team. By advising on the expectations of today’s business and regulatory environment, we look forward to supporting commercial success.”

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