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We Are Social MD: Skewed Google+ rankings ‘will do nothing to encourage people to actually use them’

We Are Social managing director Robin Grant has commented on complaints by Twitter that Google is giving undue prominence to Google+ posts within its standard search results.

Grant said: “Google have done what they told us they would - adding Google+ as a social layer to search results. The thing is, to Twitter – and, I bet, Facebook - this seems unfair, as they're now left out of the picture.

“Given Google's dominant position in search both in the US and the EU, I can see regulators either side of the Atlantic agreeing with them.

“The issue may be not that they'll be slow to act but that, when they do, Google will try to make including Twitter and Facebook profiles in search results conditional on Twitter and Facebook being more open with their data.

“As to what difference this will make to Google+ adoption in the long run, I'd say very little. It may drive people to set-up Google+ accounts, so that they'll appear in results, but will do nothing to encourage people to actually use them, which is still Google's biggest problem.

“I imagine we'll still be watching how this drama unfolds for years to come.”

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