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How social media gave the Poppy a digital facelift

This case study outlines the social media strategy behind the Scottish Poppy Appeal. The charity behind the Appeal, Poppyscotland, sought to make the poppy brand more relevant outside of November.

This article provides an insight into the background to the revitalised digital strategy, how the strategy was implemented and the results for Poppyscotland. The charity rebranded and adopted a new fundraising strategy in 2006, but needed to remove the core conception that the poppy relates only to the World Wars.

Taking a strategic approach, Poppyscotland used social media to overcome these challenges by utilising a range of digital platforms to present a contemporary message.

The results of the strategy include:

  • Over 2 million page views and 20,000 post feedbacks (likes, comments, shares, etc)
  • 100% increase in web traffic year-on-year (17,000 unique visitors during 2010 appeal vs 34,000 in 2011)
  • 12,000 downloads of the appeal’s YouTube videos
  • The celebrity Twitter campaign reached more than 1.5 million Twitter users
  • The charity’s most successful Scottish Poppy Appeal ever, raising a record £2.34 million
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