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Meaningful brands for a sustainable future: A new approach to measuring brand value

This article, provided for The Drum by marketing intelligence service Warc and written by Kate Cox, director of strategy at MPG Media Contacts London, highlights the results of research into meaningful brands.

Both the OECD and the UK Government have recently published measures of the well-being of populations in an attempt to provide a truer account of people's state than using such blunt factors as Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

In its new analysis, Meaningful Brands for a Sustainable Future, Havas Media has re-framed this debate within the context of branding and marketing. The report investigates well-being not in terms of governments and public policy, but in relation to businesses and brands. It applies the theory of well-being, at a personal and collective level, to brand attachment and equity, arguing that more meaningful brands drive business success in the short and long-term.

This research demonstrates that businesses that can successfully connect quality products and services to personal well-being have developed better business practices to make them more responsible partners in society, and are able to derive incrementally higher business success as a result.

Here, Kate Cox, head of strategy at MPG Media Contacts London, takes a look at the results of the research and provides insight into what these might mean for marketers.

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