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Miista social media campaign allows users to reduce shoe price by tweeting

Miista social media campaign allows users to reduce shoe price by tweetingMiista social media campaign allows users to reduce shoe price by

Shoe brand Miista has unveiled a social media campaign, created by RAAK, which allows users to give a discount to all consumers by tweeting about it.

Through the ‘cheaper with a tweet’ campaign, every time someone tweets through the shop page about a specific style from 3 to 13 January, the price will automatically decrease for everybody.

The campaign has been designed so the higher a Klout score a person has, the more the pair of shoes will be reduced by.

According to the website, an active and average Twitter user has a Klout score of about 20, so their tweet could cause the price of the shoe to automatically drop by 1.5%. If enough tweets are sent, or people with high Klout scores participate, shoes could be sold for just the £1 postage fee.

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29 Jun 2012 - 12:41
marel11670's picture

The projects by the RAAK guys are consistently brilliant! I've been following them for a while. Here: wewillraakyou.com

29 Jun 2012 - 12:43
marel11670's picture

WOW! The guys at RAAK are consistently creating amazing campaigns. Well done!


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