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Delineo creates ‘Be Santa’ Christmas charity campaign

Delineo is looking for members of the public to ‘Be Santa’ and help the agency donate £1000 to various charities this Christmas.

The agency decided to create a charity themed integrated campaign instead of sending out Christmas cards, and is searching for a handful of Santas to help decide which five charities should receive money.

Today, day one, the Santas are asked to choose a day centre for the homeless, which will receive 200 hot dinners. On day two, the Santas will help choose a centre that provides invaluable support to the elderly, which will be given £200 worth of hats and gloves, while on day three a hospice looking after terminally ill people will be given money to feed 40 patients for the day. On day four, a relief for families living in poverty will receive toys for the children.

On Friday, Delineo will hold a public vote between five charities for where the final £200 will go: Help for Heroes, MENCAP, Bluecross Animal Sanctuary, Make a Wish Foundation or Rethink.

The campaign has been promoted as a job advertisement, as well as a direct mail Santa handbook being sent out to 250 people. An eShot will also be sent to the target audience every day this week.

The web-based campaign is being supported through Twitter, as well as featuring charity videos to help provide inspiration for the Santas.

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