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Argos opens pop-up stores in Waterloo and Paddington stations to offer QR Code purchasing

Argos opens pop-up stores in Waterloo and Paddington stations to offer QR Code purchasingArgos opens pop-up stores in Waterloo and Paddington stations to offer

Argos has opened QR-code purchase pop-up stores in Paddington and Waterloo rail stations to promote its catalogue to Christmas shoppers.

The experiential campaign will allow shoppers to point their smartphone at a gift they would like, scan the QR code and reserve the gift for pick up at a later date.

The campaign has been developed in partnership with Concourse Initiatives and Mindshare Invention as part of a larger Out of Home campaign by Kenetic and Mindshare.


12 Dec 2011 - 23:06
Nick Rhind's picture

Great piece of work and likely influenced by what Tesco did in Korea on the tube stations.

If its convenient users will use it.

13 Dec 2011 - 10:02
stephen_lepitak's picture

@Nick Rhind Are QR Codes finally becoming popular with the public Nick or would you say that most people still don't really use them/know what they do?

13 Dec 2011 - 10:16
Nick Rhind's picture

Your right in the uk i saw stats that only 15% new what a qr code was. they have mainly been badly used on TV and posters taking you to badly thought out pages. hence why i was so please to see what tesco ahd done and Argos are attempting.

Have you seen the Ebay Store in SOHO i asked that question and 0 people knew how a QR Code worked. The shop had 8 staff all trained every person how to use a qr code reader and then the users was amazed with results. many would re-use the tech now they knew it could make buying items quicker and done on the move.

Anyway i see that were adopting the technology and over the next 12 months it will become more accpeted and in 24 months mainstream as it is in other countries like USA

For now its a big push and slog to educate the masses but as the technology provides convenience through the sites it will catch on and be used by society in general

I still remember when i got my frist xda phone in 2003 and for years everyone laughed at me getting email and going on the web on my phone. Over the years the attitude quickly changed as bu having the technology made things easier and convenient.

If mobile shopping and sites never came about i wonder if the Iphone or other Smart phones would ever have been bourne. The issues never technology its always the takeup driven by the masses looking for ease.

15 Dec 2011 - 12:19
Ogilvy's picture

Weren't QR codes invented in 1994.

Almost 18 years and they still haven't caught on.

15 Dec 2011 - 14:26
Nick Rhind's picture

Its about timming and change in user habits. Augmentated Reality has been around just as long but look how popular thats become now using layer on mobile phones.

Many apps use the technology as their main basis to overaly information over the screen or camera to relay information.

it tooka change is user behaviour to want information there and then in any easy format to get the technology to be used.

Its no different to QR codes its has to be usefull and become part of a user. In the USA and Asia QR codes are used extensively. Maybe in the UK were just to pesemistic to embrace change and technology


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