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Download pdf of the RAR Top 100 2011

Each year the Recommended Agency Register works with The Drum to produce a snapshot of the best agency businesses in the UK outside London. Download your copy of the RAR Top 100 here.

Download pdf of the RAR Top 100 2011 Download pdf of the RAR Top 100 2011

The RAR Top 100 looks at how profitable agencies are, how well they are growing, and how efficient they are in terms of turnover per head of staff. The Top 100 doesn’t look at which are the most highly rated by clients (that will be done in the RAR Awards in the spring) but rather at which agencies are the strongest businesses, an important consideration for clients who are considering committing their budgets.

The pdf of the report, available for download here, includes:

  • The list of the top 100 marketing services agencies outside London, ranked on a number of different financial criteria
  • Breakdowns of the list, highlighting the top 10 agencies in terms of turnover, gross profit, gross profit growth, turnover per head and turnover percentage growth
  • Analysis of the results, including regional variations and highlights
  • Profiles of the top 100 agencies, including what they have done for their clients in 2012, agency highlights and changes to agencies' offerings this year.

Premium subscribers are able to download the full report for free (non-subscribers can purchase a printed version for £29.50 here).To download your copy, simply click below.

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