SapientNitro explains ‘Idea Engineer’ video

Following ‘the video’ which SapientNitro released yesterday, the agency has commented about who created the video and what went wrong when dealing with it.

David LaBar, global communications director, told The Drum: “Our colleagues at a production studio in India wanted to express their pride and expose some meaning around being Idea Engineers through an internal music video. It was an amazing show of commitment (we wish all employees around the world were willing to go this far) that accidentally became a global public brand communication.

“The video, not meant to be an official or even global communication, quickly attracted comments from around the world, both positive and negative. Unfortunately, our social media response teams were unaware of this unplanned communication and could not avoid the video creator taking control of video comments. Our audience rightfully took certain actions to heart. We quickly reassured on %20Twitter%20that%20these%20are%20not%20practices%20we%20condone.%20

%E2%80%9CWe%20have%20been%20closely%20tracking%20this%20conversation%20and%20will%20be%20engaged%20with%20it,%20making%20sure%20to%20reassure%20the%20public%20that%20social%20IS%20at%20our%20core,%20and%20that%20an%20unauthorized%20" bad call can be an opportunity for us to further appreciate the power of social maybe even share a few laughs together.>

SapientNitro has also written a blog commenting on the video.

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