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Cornetto UK faces Facebook backlash for asking 'Who's got that Friday Feeling?' at 11am on Remembrance Day

Ice Cream brand Cornetto UK has made a social media faux pas on Facebook when earlier today it posted on its page the message ‘Who’s got that Friday Feeling’ at 11am, the same time as the minute’s silence for Remembrance Day.

The ill judged timing of the upbeat message was quickly pointed out by users of the site, with one stating; “Im having a its remembrance day feeling,” and another stating ‘Bad timing really ....Remember all the fallen heros.’

Another poster also said; “seriously!!!! How disrespectful would you like to be!!!!”

Recognising its mistake, Cornetto UK placed a message in the seam stream that said: “Hi everyone – we’re so sorry about the timing and tone of our latest post. We are of course with the nation in remembering all of our fallen servicemen and servicewomen, and meant no disrespect.”

British Gas also sent a tweet during the moment’s silence, which it has now deleted and apologised for, claiming that the tweet was autoscheduled.

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