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Online video expected to see largest increase in digital media spend next year, agency survey finds

Online video expected to see largest increase in digital media spend next year, agency survey findsOnline video expected to see largest increase in digital media spend

Online video is expected to see the largest increase in digital media spend over the next year according to a new agency survey of media buyers.

Over one third (38%) of 100 media agencies involved in the survey of the UK video advertising industry, conducted by BrightRoll, said that they believed that online video would represent the largest increase in digital media spend in comparison with a similar US study where only 28% expected this.

The targeting of the medium was found to be the most valuable aspect of online, with 37% of respondents highlighting this, while the majority of respondents (96%) agreed that online video provided value for clients, although on 42% reported to have conducted this type of research.

Pre roll was found to be more effective by 87%, with stronger engagement experienced by 83% and a better performance than in-banner reported by 82%.

Online video reach for advertisers was the most valuable aspect highlighted by 41%, while cost-per-impression (43%), cost-per-engagement (29%) and cost per view (18%) also attracting advertisers.

Phil Cooper, european managing director of BrightRoll, said, “We launched in the UK, and recently Germany, to tap into the growing European market of online video; consumers are already engaged in this area. This benchmark study will help us provide the service and opportunities in online video that brands need to take advantage of the medium.

“BrightRoll recently expanded its operations into the UK because we can see that it is an especially exciting and rapidly maturing market. The results of our first-ever UK survey emphatically support this belief,” said BrightRoll CEO Tod Sacerdoti. “As with our previous US studies, our goal with this report is to contribute to the growing body of research that helps move the category forward by helping to identify what’s working and what’s not in digital video.”

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