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Manchester City Council's m-four creative director Smith to join Corporate Culture

Manchester City Council's m-four creative director Smith to join Corporate CultureManchester City Council's m-four creative director Smith to join

Ian Smith, creative director of m-four, Manchester City Council’s in-house creative department, is to leave this week to join social marketing agency Corporate Culture.

Smith, who has led the creative department for exactly three years, will be based in the London office, but will be involved in overseeing its creative department in Liverpool too as deputy creative director, explained Peter Henshaw, creative director for Corporate Culture.

“It’s really exciting to get to work under Peter,” said Smith. “I’ll be tasked with moving the London office forward, working with a head of copy. It’s an incredibly exciting proposition and challenge, although I will miss working in Manchester, which has been fantastic and it has been a real wrench to have to leave.”

It is understood that six members of staff will remain at m-four.

Sara Tomkins, Manchester City Council's director of communications, said: "We'll be sad to see the departure of such a talented creative director and we wish Ian the best of luck with his relocation to London and in his new role. Ian has been instrumental in refreshing the Council brand and improving the quality of the creative product.

"He has lead the in-house creative team who have made a notable difference to Manchester from increased recycling rates, attracting more foster carers, improving school attendance figures to driving footfall to major events in the city and the latest 'do it online' communication to encourage customers utilising services via the web. Ian's legacy is a strong design team who will continue the award winning standards he set."


21 Oct 2011 - 10:43
psychisis's picture

Nice Blue Steel. * Poser

21 Oct 2011 - 13:51
nickyd2011's picture

Manchester's loss is london's gain!!!!!! A really fantastic guy who is a remarkable Creative Director and a true legend!!!

Good luck Ian you will be sorely missed.

To say you have brought MCC into a new generation would be an understatement. The work you have done here has transformed a Council and contributed to making Manchester even better!!

FC United will be a long way from home when you go but stay red don't be changing again.

Good Luck Mate, stay in touch.

I truly hope it all works out for you, you're a great guy even if you do dress a bit like a D******d. LOL

Ha-wey pet and Ooooooooooooooh Yeaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Love Ya xx

21 Oct 2011 - 15:12
ian_smith's picture

Arhhhh Nicky, so kind mate!

You'll have to find someone else to take the piss out of? Plus, I think dressing like a 'Dick Head' is part of being in London, just look at Gary Walmsley?

Gonna miss you and your crap footie tips...

FC UNITED OF MANCHESTER through and through and forever. x


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