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Alfred at centre of Batman: Arkham City promotion by Weapon7

Alfred at centre of Batman: Arkham City promotion by Weapon7Alfred at centre of Batman: Arkham City promotion by Weapon7

Batman’s butler Alfred is at the centre of a campaign launched by Weapon7 ahead of the Batman: Arkham City Xbox 360 game being released on 21 October.

The campaign gives access to content not available elsewhere through a simple search engine fronted by Batman’s butler and confidante Alfred Pennyworth. Gamers will be directed to the website (link on right of image) using social media channels such as a Twitter feed, Xbox Facebook pages and game forums.

Alfred said on a Facebook post: “Good day to you. With Master Bruce’s permission, I am offering my services on the internet. I have new Arkham City information, images and exclusive items that are only accessible from this site. And watch out for the tips I'll be posting on Facebook. You never know what each search might turn up. Alfred.”

Certain specific search terms will return different pieces of content including information about characters in the game, screenshots, Xbox 360 avatars and even the chance to own an ultra-rare Batman-branded Xbox 360 console.

Key search terms will be hinted at, but otherwise users will have to guess at which search terms generate access to the content, appealing to its target audience of comic book and gaming enthusiasts in the know about Batman and his habits.

Rob Meldrum, innovation director at Weapon7, said: “Being fans of the Caped Crusader ourselves, we know that Batman is no one without Alfred, and putting this campaign together has been a joy for us and we hope it will get fans really excited about the launch of Batman: Arkham City.”

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