Yahoo and Disney's ABC TV link up to deliver news to 100 million

Yahoo, the internet giant at the centre of speculation about a possible takeover , had a surprise for America today: it is joining forces with ABC television one of America's Big Three networks, to deliver more digital content to their audiences.

The announcement was made on Good Morning America. And here's a big bonus for Yahoo: will be part of the Yahoo network .

Combined, Yahoo and ABC will have an online audience of more than 100 million people - and it also being pointed that - despite its recent travails - Yahoo News is still the most visited news website in the world.

ABC is owned by the Walt Disney company.

The companies will work together on selling advertising. ABC News will maintain editorial control of its sites - and Yahoo will keep control of its sites.

The most recent takeover talk about Yahoo was voiced last week by Jack Ma, boss of Chinese firm Alibaba, in which Yahoo has a 43 per cent stake. Mr Ma said he would love to take over Yahoo. But could Disney itself also be interested?

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