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Tennent's seeks Scots Citizens to express their passion for their city for new campaign

Tennent's seeks Scots prideTennent's seeks Scots pride
Tennent's seeks Scots Citizens to express their passion for their city for new campaign

Tennent’s Lager has begun a social media campaign as it asks Scots to express the pride and passion they have for their city, as a new campaign featuring Hugh Tennant rolls out.

The campaign, created by Newhaven with PR by Burt Greener, will lead to the creation of a limited edition pint glass, inspired by what people think of Scotland’s six cities, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling, Dundee, Aberdeen and Inverness.

The funniest and most inspiring lines will be used on six new glass designs, which will be released in November, for each city, to celebrate a new advertising campaign, once again featuring Hugh Tennent and his pride for Glasgow.

The campaign will begin with artist Vangeli Moschopoulos setting up in Glasgow Central Station, writing quotes from a number of well-known figures on a giant glass wall. Members of the public will ad their own comments about their city as they pass through the station or commenting on the brand’s Facebook page.

Jane Cannon, marketing manager for Tennent’s, commented: “Tennent’s is rooted in Scotland and our new campaign has some fun in celebrating the quirks and distinctive humour of Glasgow in particular. Anyone out there who has pride in where they live, work or were born, now has almost two weeks to get online with their thoughts and we promise the most distinctive will have pride of place on our limited edition glasses. We can’t wait to see what comments come in and we eagerly await the launch of the new glasses this November.’”

Contributions can be entered until 16 October.

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Anonymous (not verified)
3 Oct 2011 - 15:19
Anonymous's picture

The old 'XYZ needs you' image has got to the most over-used approach in the history of advertising.

Anonymous (not verified)
3 Oct 2011 - 15:37
Anonymous's picture

I'll be loving Edinburgh slightly less when they crank up the Council Tax to pay for the idiots who commissioned the Trams.

Anonymous (not verified)
3 Oct 2011 - 16:45
Anonymous's picture

Edinburgh, Stirling and Inverness are all acceptable places.

Aberdeen I would say is border-line.

Glasgow and Dundee both cause Seasonal Affective Disorder, all year round.


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