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Debenhams’ Inclusivity PR campaign established retailer as campaigner of the high street

Consumers are more and more concerned with cause behind purchasing. From purchasing ethically grown or reared food products to clothing products which have been produced fairly, ethical issues are influencing consumer behaviour more than ever before. In the wake of London Fashion Week, and the predictable controversy of skinny models once again thrown into the mix, it seems appropriate to take a look at one high-street retailer which went the other way and embraced individuality. Championing inclusivity, Debenhams won over consumers with its refreshing campaign involving models not typically seen in fashion imagery.

Debenhams’ Inclusivity PR campaign established retailer as campaigner of the high street Debenhams’ Inclusivity PR campaign established retailer as campaigner

This case study outlines how Debenhams developed a PR strategy to include more of their customer base, creating positive feedback and uplifted sales. 42% of Debenhams' sales come from size 14-16 clothing, and it was felt that store mannequins did not reflect this.

Debenhams created an implemented a PR strategy for their 'Inclusivity' campaign, which involved featuring older and disabled models in their photography. Debenhams also removed airbrushing from their model shots. Jo Swinson, Lib Dem MP and co-founder of Campaign for Body Confidence, welcomed the move, saying: ‘It’s great news that Debenhams will be using images of real women who have not been digitally manipulated to advertise their new swimwear range.’

The case study was submitted as part of the entry process to The Drum Marketing Awards, and was awarded a nomination for PR strategy.

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