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Social Media Week: Dog Digital’s top ten tips for advertising on Facebook

Tips from Dog DigitalTips from Dog Digital

Dog Digital has revealed ten top tips for advertising on Facebook as part of its ‘marketing with Facebook’ event held on the final day of Social Media Week.

The tips put forward by Stephanie Lindsay and Gillian Campbell at the event were:

One: Ask questions in adverts – it can lead to 30% higher engagement

Two: Use urgency (‘now’) or use a time limit

Three: Give a call to action e.g. ‘click here’

Four: Use simple language, and test shorter adverts text-wise compared to longer adverts

Five: Use a colourful engagement image and avoid a logo: there is 60% less click through rate when logo is used

Six: Have a relevant landing page with an internal URL

Seven: If an advert is aimed at a specific town or region, mention it in the headline

Eight: Segment demographic market - as well as by age, can target groups such as newlyweds, parents and those living away from home

Nine: Do constant tests - test colours (yellow works well against the Facebook blue), logos, styles of headlines

Ten: Use broad matching terms – as well as being able to target demographically, can now target my keyword using hash tag symbol in front of word.

The ‘surgery’ session also looked at the changes Facebook has made to advertising from its announcement yesterday: the adverts have gone back to the vertical style from its horizontal rectangles, and scroll down the page when the user does instead of being static.


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23 Sep 2011 - 17:01
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STEPH! Ben says hi

23 Sep 2011 - 17:14
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What??? Wow! Hi Ben! :)

Anonymous (not verified)
23 Sep 2011 - 19:17
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Are you guys taking the mick...I thought it was tips on advertising on FacelessBook not FacelessBook on the Drum page.....PISS OFF

Oh by the way...hi Ben, Mark and Steph.....HUGS


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