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One Show ‘Fix my Pet’ segment slammed by Pet Education Trust

Trust slams One ShowTrust slams One Show

The Pet Education Trust has slated the new ‘Fix my Pet’ segment in BBC’s the One Show by Jordan Shelley as an ‘appalling display’.

The Trust was not impressed with Shelley’s demonstration of training techniques on a nervous Jack Russell Terrier called Roxy with food aggression issues.

Naidre Werner, managing director of the Pet Education Trust said: “There are enough problems with animals enduring cruelty and abuse in this country without The One Show allowing someone to give advice that does not reflect either current knowledge or current practices. 

“By allowing their ‘trainer’ to use outdated techniques,the BBC are vilifying these methods on prime time TV, clearly causing distress to the dog and distress to the hundreds animal lovers throughout the UK who witnessed the appalling display - all in the name of entertainment!

“The actions of the BBC have taken the many organisations (including the Pet Education Trust,) who work within the animal care and behaviour industry backwards in their campaigns to generate public awareness of the behaviourial techniques available to deal with unwanted animal behaviour.

 “I would recommend that the BBC either cut the feature, or actually do their research properly and engage someone who is qualified to give the general public sound and competent advice on how to deal with their pets unwanted behaviours.”

Debbie Connolly, who sits on the advisory panel for the Pet Education Trust, added: “I was stunned to see this feature appear.  I find it very hard to believe the claim that this trainer runs a "dog treatment centre", as at 21, I was still studying to be able to treat dogs.  

“Perhaps, as there is no trace of the trainer or the centre, the BBC could tell us how this young man actually has any kind of relevant experience to be giving out advice? Featuring this man with a dog biting his feet and trousers during "treatment" was at best a mistake and at worst dangerous.  I would urge the BBC to do a very quick rethink.”


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23 Sep 2011 - 10:30
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I suppose getting bitten from the dog is a better alternative. Everyone has an opinion!


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