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Coke celebrates its 125th birthday with a stylish new look for the Diet Coke can

Coke celebrates its 125th birthday with a stylish new look for the Diet Coke can Coke celebrates its 125th birthday with a stylish new look for the

Lesson already learned : don't tamper with the formula! But this new-look can is a design winner, just right for a bit of birthday fizz .

As Adweek reminds us, " Remember New Coke back in 1985? That was a branding lesson for one and all: Do what you want to the packaging but leave the recipe alone."

So what are the options? How do you keep a brand sold in 200 countries and consumed 1.7 billion times each day looking fresh? One answer is this : a new packaging look for Diet Coke, which itself dates back to 1982. A limited-edition new-look will reach stores early next month. 

The new design blows up  a segment of the existing logo at the point where where the “D” of Diet rests on top of the “k” of Coke.  

Says Adweek, "The result is a modish and (for a global brand) even daring design that refuses to reveal the brand’s complete name. Which is the beauty of having a brand that’s already the best-selling diet soft drink in the world: You don’t have to worry about stuff like that."

The can is the work of San Francisco-based design firm Turner Duckworth.It will be around  for an undisclosed period. 

It is understood cases of the new Diet Coke cans are being sent to  to “trendsetters in the fashion and design world."

In an e-mail, William White, group brand director for Diet Coke and Coke Zero in North America told Adweek : “Fall is all about new looks and new energy, making this a great opportunity to give the Diet Coke can design a refreshing uplift that celebrates the season.”  The beauty-trend Web magazine StyleCaster.com has chosen the new design as one of its “new looks for fall.” Could there be more birthday surprises in store? Watch this space. 


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22 Aug 2011 - 11:38
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Really? So what about this Coca Cola story.

Astonishingly, most mainstream consumers actually believe that Vitamin Water is a healthy beverage. What they don't realize is that Vitamin Water is mostly sugar water.

Even Coca-Cola's own attorneys have publicly admitted that Vitamin Water is not "a healthy beverage."

Today, the non-profit Consumer Wellness Center releases the latest Food Investigations video that exposes what I call the "Vitamin Water deception."


Yeah really?


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