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The Drum Magazine: Friday 5th August

The Drum Magazine: Friday 5th AugustThe Drum Magazine: Friday 5th August

Find out what's in today's issue of The Drum magazine, which is hitting desks across the UK.

Analysis & Agenda
• Media - Will Social Media users be affected by NLA copyright ruling?
• Social Media - From Facebook for business launch to Google+ for brands
• Design - Media City or Media Shitty? Does Salford's new creative district lack in imagination?

And much, much more...

News roundup
Six pages of news, creative work and commentary from the UK marketing industry over the last fortnight, all pulled together for you to digest in a new look.

The Works - The hottest, new creative campaigns
In this issue we look at the creative work of:
• Crush Creative's work for Cartoon Network
• Ahoy Creative's work for a Blue Ball brewery
• Thompson Brand Partner's work for The National Railway Museum in York
• The Consult's work for a contemporary outdoor brand
•Music 's Craig Oldham's Hand-Written-Letter-Project
• B&W Studio's design to promote its creative director's efforts to scale Mont Blanc….

DADI AWARDS - Clicking the right boxes
The finalists of this year's Dadi Awards have now been revealed. Find out more in the magazine

4 Rounds...
THE DRUM caught up with Mike to talk Spam, superheroes and swaggers, and to find out just how he found his Mojo...

The magazine also includes:
• Agency / Suppliers Pitches and Accounts under review
• People news, moves and interviews
• In-depth Report and Analysis
• News log of all important articles to ensure you miss nothing!

...And that's just one issue. Subscribe today and we will send you a copy of this week's issue as well as 24 more.

 Why should you subscribe?
This package offers you a fantastic 48 page magazine freezing time once a month with all you need to know helping you to do your job better or grow your business. 

The THE DRUM magazine covers the following:
• Trending news, views, impact and analysis of all UK regions.
• Agency / Suppliers Pitches and Accounts under review
• People news, moves and interviews
• In-depth Report and Analysis - Regional and Sector with all the hard hitting facts, stats and trends
• The hottest, newest, most talked of marketing campaigns and strategies
• A grand showcase of the latest and the most effective design creative
• News log of all important articles to ensure you miss nothing!
• 30% of all online and print advertisements - NEW
• £50 off The Best Directory Listing - NEW
• Special Subscriber only discounts on events, business briefings and
networking opportunities with affiliate partners and Drum events - NEW
• Opportunities to get free PR by submitting work and getting the chance to promote your company's products & services - NEW


THE DRUM website will give you additional 24 hr access to the following benefits
• Unlimited access to learning resources i.e. whitepapers, creative
reviews, industry analysis and surveys, special features, league tables and image gallery
• The opportunity to interact with the content – comment, add/submit white papers.
• Free daily e-Newsletter with customised content
• Free App - allowing you to access content on the go

*Cancel within 3 months and you'll get 100% refunded.

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