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Young says goodbye to Learn Something Every Day

Young says goodbye to Learn Something Every DayYoung says goodbye to Learn Something Every Day

Manchester creative agency Young is calling time on its popular Learn Something Every Day website after two years.

Learnsomethingeverday.co.uk began life in August 2009 following a pub conversation between Young's founders Pete Jarvis and Geth Vaughan.

The site invited visitors to submit a little known fact which the Young designers would then turn into a quirky doodle.

Within two weeks it was recording 10,000 unique visitors every day and its success prompted publisher Penguin to turn it into a book, which was released in May.

Jarvis and Vaughan say they want to bow out on a high and to mark the end of the daily doodle site they have enlisted some of their favourite illustrators to contribute an illustration each day in August.

Those taking part include Jon Burgerman, Ian Stevenson, Marion Deuchars, Mitch Blunt and Matt Sewell. You can see the full list below...

Jon Burgerman

Chris Martin

Al Heighton

Jin Wei

Adrian Johnson

Matt Sewell 

David Janes

Ryan Cox

Marion Deuchars

Nicolas Tual

Serge Seidlitz

Tom Judd 

Jim Houser

Matthew Green 

Andy Rementer

Rob Bailey

Merijn Hos

Andy Smith

Lab Partners

Deanna Halsall

Ian Stevenson

Judy Kaufmann

Matthew Hodson

Steve Dildarian

Andrew Rae

Mitch Blunt

Jon Boam

James Datz

Marcus Walters

Siggi Eggertsson

Michael Gillette

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