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Online advertising increases brand awareness, TV drives purchase intent: IAB

Online advertising increases brand awareness, TV drives purchase intent: IABOnline advertising increases brand awareness, TV drives purchase
Online advertising increases brand awareness, TV drives purchase intent: IAB

The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) research has found that online advertising delivers uplift in brand and ad awareness, whilst TV increases favourability and purchase intent.

The research, which was carried out by GfK and released today, was part two of the IAB’s Building Brands Online trilogy, and identifies the separate and combined impact of online and TV in a campaign run by Nestlé for their Maggi so Juicy cooking sauce brand.

The campaign was aimed at women between the ages of 25 and 40 who had children, and included TV, online advertising and online social.

All three channels achieved exclusive reach, with TV at 28.3%, online at 13.4% and online social at 0.6%. The overlap of TV and online was 40.6% - but of all three it was just 4.6%.  It was found that 25% of those who saw the campaign online had not seen it on TV.

It was discovered that online exposure delivered an uplift in both brand and ad awareness, with 3.2% of those exposed to the ads had searched for Maggi so Juicy online and 2% visited the website.

TV was most effective at driving brand favourability and purchase intent on a mass scale, encouraging word of mouth and supermarket searches, while exposure to online social delivered uplifts in favourability and purchase intent, as well as encouraging a 4.3% increase in experimentation with new recipes using Maggi so Juicy.  Other figures from IAB’s research can be seen in the picture box to the left.

Babita Earle, digital strategy director at GfK, said: “Our evaluation of this campaign has added yet more insights into the value of Online and strengthened the proof that Online can – and should - play a significant role in launching FMCG brands.

“The research used our GfK Exposure Effects.dx product and clearly showed that the Online element of the campaign was particularly effective amongst the target group, driving purchase intent as well as building brand awareness – and it also produced less of an halo effect across Competitor Brands. What must not be overlooked, though, is how well TV and Online worked together; whilst both parts of the campaign worked well independently, exposure to both elements was most effective.”

Drew Davies, Nestle said: “This study has provided some great learning’s for our business moving forward. Supporting strong above the line activity with targeted online media has allowed us to reach and engage a wider audience which has driven our advertising spend further.”

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