So how does your work measure up in David Ogilvy's eyes? Your chance to find out

Thanks to a miracle of modern technology, one of advertising's heroes emerges from the past

When a blind Glasgow beggar video on You Tube this year drew 7 million hits, it emerged that Ogilvy, then king of New York's Mad Men, wrote the original treatment some 40 years ago.

So if you have ever wondered how your work would measure up in Mr Ogilvy's eyes, now you can find out.

You can pitch your ideas to the man himself via an iPhone app created by Ogilvy China in celebration of what would have been the agency founder's 100th birthday.

Supposedly, he will give you his honest opinion of your pitch after the virtual teleconference. Pitch David is a free app - so go on, give it try and let the Drum know you score!!!

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