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United Biscuits uses integrated social media to promote Jaffa Cakes for first time with MEC Interaction

United Biscuits uses integrated social media to promote Jaffa Cakes for first time with MEC InteractionUnited Biscuits uses integrated social media to promote Jaffa Cakes

MEC Interaction has developed social media platforms in order to bring Jaffa Cakes into the 21st century.

The campaign, which aims to play on the sense of fun which usually runs through Jaffa Cake adverts, involves two micro sites created and managed by MEC.

The first micro site is The Jaffa Cake Broadcasting Corporation (JCBC), a spoof news site though which people will find out about the mysterious Cult of Jaffa.

The second micro site is that of the Cult of Jaffa, a supposed underground organisation that has been safeguarding Jaffa Cakes for 500 years against people such as The House of Garibaldi.

For this site, there are two planned stages: the first is for the election of members of a Grand Council, and the second is for consumers to pledge allegiance to the Cult of Jaffa and explaining they like the product.

This site will be supported through various social media outlets, encompassing Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr.

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Anonymous (not verified)
20 Jun 2011 - 13:07
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Don't click on the Cult of Jaffa link, you will immediately develop a vacant stare and a persistent dribble that will eventually pass but you will be left wondering where the last ten minutes had gone.


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