Rangers boss Craig Whyte to review how club deals with the media

The new regime at Rangers FC is taking a serious look at how it deals with the media –and the Scottish media in particular.

New owner, Motherwell-born Craig Whyte, makes this crystal clear in an interview with Tom English which appeared in yesterday's Scotland on Sunday.

Whyte, who has cleared out the Ibrox management old guard, and taken in new men, told English: "I knew about the intensity of the focus on Rangers but I didn't expect this. I thought I could stay behind the scenes quite easily but that is not the case.

"I didn't really think through the whole concept of walking around Glasgow getting stopped everywhere. I didn't think about that at all before I got involved in the deal. It brought it home to me that life in Scotland is not the same any more.

“The intensity is incredible. I've read things in the paper before even I know they were happening. Somebody can tell you something and within a couple of hours it's on the internet.

“Nothing I've ever been involved in compares to this. Weird. Very weird.

“Rangers, going forward, have got to have a much more co-ordinated media strategy. “We'll be looking carefully about who is to talk. We've all got to be on-message. There are far too many leaks coming out of Ibrox."

Pointed out English: "This was Whyte swinging from the lip, far more relaxed than he had been on the day of his arrival as Rangers' new owner, when he walked in there in a fairly self-conscious mode, not knowing what to do with all these people who were applauding him and calling his name and asking for his autograph. 

"That was only a few weeks back. He was cagey, then. But not now. Deep breath required here, because this was fairly full-on stuff. He was incensed the other day about a report in the Daily Record [by Keith Jackson] that claimed some kind of financial chicanery on his part, a scheme about season ticket money that could, in the words of the headline, turn Rangers into Scotland's version of the stricken Leeds United.”

According The Drum's sources, although Whyte will probably deny it, there was little doubt he punished the Daily Recordwhen on Friday he gave the Scottish Sun and The Herald exclusive interviews on his decision to appoint BBC Scotland soccer pundit and current Scottish Daily Express and Daily Star of Scotland columnist, Gordon Smith, as the club’s director of football.

He also gave the first major exclusive interview to the Scottish Sun’s head of sport, Iain King, splashed across four pages yesterday, in the kick-off for a series on Rangers which continued today (Monday)

Continued English: "The scrutiny of his every move is something that has taken him by surprise. He thought he was steeled for it, but he is honest enough to admit that he was not.


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