Louis Vuitton signs Angelina Jolie for record breaking single ad campaign

Hollywood sex symbol Angelina Jolie has caught the eye of upmarket fashion house Louis Vuitton, beguiling the purveyor of upmarket goods into shelling out £6.1m to have the star grace their summer global print campaign.

The cash will pay for Jolie to strike a series of suitably sensual poses for the campaign, to be snapped by photographer Annie Leibovitz over the next two weeks, .

The sultry siren follows in the voluptuous footsteps of Jennifer Lopez, Madonna and Scarlett Johansson, who have all previously donned the fashion houses’s high end wares.

None have matched Jolie’s bumper pay cheque however, which is thought to be the larges handed over to any individual for a single campaign.

Jolie has previously modelled for the fashion label St John and cosmetics form Shiseido.

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