27 April 2011 - 10:37am | posted by | 2 comments

Hovis grants behind the scenes peek of latest bread commercial

Hovis have published behind the scenes footage of their latest TV commercial, a quirky race in which hundreds of British farmers compete in a manic countryside dash.

Illustrating the challenges presented by the vagaries of location filming the clip reveals something of the farmer hours that went into creating the 90 sec clip.

The unlikely premise was borne out of a desire on the part of Hovis to stress its collaboration with farmers in growing the best quality British wheat.

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Anonymous (not verified)
27 Apr 2011 - 10:57
Anonymous's picture

I'm sure it'll look grand and all that, but come on, how many more ads are we going to see where huge groups of people all engage in one activity? #boredootmaheid

Anonymous (not verified)
27 Apr 2011 - 11:29
Anonymous's picture

Look a TV commercial, how quaint. Does anyone watch TV anymore? I thought it was all social media and viral marketing.


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