Now Facebook makes its own film and Mr Zuckerberg is the star

Once he was thought to be shy but last week he faced an audience of 10,000 and this week's he's starring in his own Facebook movie. There's no stopping Mark!

First Zuckerberg himself faces the camera to say, "Facebook is a very open company. If you think about what we do, we're trying to do give all the people who use our products the ability to share things with their friends and their family."

Then the movie rolls out two employees, an engineer named Pedram Keyani, in T-shirt , riding a skateboard through the company's offices, and a marketing staff member named Erin Kanaley.

We see Pedram lining up a "hack-a-thon," a regular Facebook event where engineers aim to devise a new product in one 24-hour marathon. Founder Zuckerberg is convinced all the best ideas are simple and can be done quickly. The "like" button, for example, came out of a hack-a-thon, AdAge magazine points out.

Facebook flew some members to Palo Alto to talk to staff about how Facebook has changed their lives. This part was organised by Erin. One woman, Holly Rose, told how she got an alert on Facebook to do a self breast exam, found a lump and was treated for breast cancer. "Facebook saved my life," she says in the film. There is no word as to when the short film may be seen in the UK. MTV UK had not responded to our question as of 5 p.m.

AdAge which carried a lengthy critique of the film was not overly impressed. Edmund Lee wrote, "At best, MTV's Diary is a gloss, a 21-minute company brochure examining a few very narrow nodes of life inside Facebook."

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