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Having trouble getting somebody to buy your super app? Here's an idea

Having trouble getting somebody to buy your super app? Here's an ideaHaving trouble getting somebody to buy your super app? Here's an idea

The "raging seas of app store clutter" can be a bit off-putting to independent developers. Many will agree with that statement. So is an "alliance" the answer?

Californian app developer MEDL Mobile, ,which has worked  with brands such as Monster.com, Teleflora, Kaiser Permanente, and Emirates Airlines  says it wants  to acquire thousands of apps - but the original developer will still retain an interest. 

MEDL describes it as an "alliance" although developers might see it as a way of acquiring  an app without paying the full price upfront.   

The pitch to the app developers is: "We want to purchase your apps, turn them into revenue generators, and share the revenues with you.

"In some cases, we pay a greater percentage upfront with a reduced share of future revenues. In other cases, we adjust the upfront payout to allow for a greater share of future revenues. 

"Either way, you continue to earn money for the app you created long into the future." MEDL insists, "We are not interested in cutting you off from your app." 

Media outlets including NBC, CNBC, CNN, CBS, FOX, The BBC, The Guardian, The New York Times, The LA Times, and the Washington Post are all said to have  featured MEDL apps. 

CEO Andrew Maltin, said "It's very challenging for an independent developer to thrive amidst the chaos of this emerging app market.

"For every successful developer, there are dozens who have invested significant resources yet are still unable to properly market and monetise their creations."

MEDL sets out the idea on its website. It wants to acquire iPhone, iPad and Android apps, improve functionality, and supplement the code. 

The idea of  creating  app sponsorships with advertisers -  "weaving  a brand's content into an existing app" is one big idea. 

Mobile applications reached $5.1 billion in 2010 and are predicted to top $15 billion for 2011.  

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