Piers Morgan sets his sights on Sarah Palin and The Queen

One month into his CNN show replacing Larry King, Piers Morgan has "clearly found his groove, especially during the current uprisings in Egypt" says the website Popeater.

Piers replied to a series of questions , saying Oprah was his favourite guest, he would love to interview Sarah Palin and he thought he had a better chance of getting the Queen than most American interviewers.

He said he was"fitting in pretty well actually for a Brit in New York. We're a month in, and it's been a pretty eventful, varied month" . But he did not give himself an A+ rating:

"I feel like B+. Let's not get too ahead of ourselves here. It's been a very solid start with lots of variety. Some of them weren't so great. The thing is about this show is that it evolves all the time. My main objective is to show people the range I've got.

"It's pretty well known that the show with the Kardashian sisters didn't rate very well, but I enjoyed doing it."

Oprah was his dream guest."Not only did I have a great interview with her but then I went on her show which was even more exciting. My love affair with Oprah knows no bounds." He thought Obama would be great to interview.

“My personal celebrity would be Jack Nicholson, and then there are the important guests like Queen Elizabeth." Perhaps with his tongue in his cheek, Piers added "Imagine that interview before the royal wedding."

Popeater pointed out that the Queen didn't do interviews - but Piers made it clear he wasn't going to give up. "I've actually met the Queen five times," he said. "The last time I met her we talked about David Beckham's broken foot, so she and I have quite a rapport going. I think I've got a five times better chance of getting her than most American interviewers. I always think you should reach for the stars, and if you have to come down, come down."

On Charles and Diana, Piers said he wasn't on either team, more "in the middle"

"I've always liked Charles. He just doesn't tolerate things the way other people do. He has a very low tolerance of what he thinks is wrong. I certainly like Camilla very much. The few times I've met her, we've always gotten along very well. I'm good friends with her son Tom who is a decent guy. I see him a lot. I had a good relationship with Diana. I went for lunch to Kensington Palace with her and William. She used to ring me when I worked at the Daily Mirror from time to time. Obviously her death was a terrible tragedy for the country. I think it's great we've got the royal wedding to have something positive to come from all that.

He admitted he would love to get Sarah Palin on the show.

"When she first exploded and gave her fairly catastrophic interviews to CBS, everyone assumed she was an idiot. What you have certainly got to accept now is that she's a massively polarising politician, but she's certainly not an idiot. She's very smartly improved her position with her base. She's probably the most famous politician after Obama in the country. She has a huge following. She's very active on social media and very successful at it, and she's a force to be reckoned with. I think she's probably learned some lessons from early on, doesn't give many interviews now, but one thing she's not is an idiot.

"I think her personality is mesmeric. I think she's not unattractive, but it's that forceful personality that people like. "

Asked if today's was a tabloid culture, harking back to his time as editor of the Mirror, Piers said," I think it's more an Internet-driven culture actually. I think the fact is everyone who's online right now can just sate their lust for information about anything at the speed of a button. That's just led to an explosion of interest on everything. There are more celebrities now because there's reality TV, and there's certainly a lot more people being famous for just being famous, and that's pretty depressing."

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