Chip Shop Awards marks 8 years with review of past Grand Prix winners

The Chip Shop Awards is about breaking the rules. So rather, than celebrate a 10th, 25th or 30th anniversary, we marked our 8th year instead; with a special souvenir section which was published in the last issue of The Drum.

It featured all the Grand Prix and Chairman’s Award winners who have received the coveted Chip Shop trophy since the events inception, and we publish a selection of them here.

We also publish the comments from some of the chairmen who have presided over the Chip Shop juries down the years below.

They point out that as well as being great fun, there is a serious side to the event too.

The deadline to enter the 2011 Awards is 18 March. All work entered will be displayed online throughout the year, with the 2011 awards presentation taking place in June.

There are two judging mechanisms for this year’s awards. A panel of judges (see p25) will peruse the entries to choose the recipients of the Chip Award. The public will also be able to vote online for the entry they think deserves a pat on the back. More information at

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JOHN JESSUP, CREATIVE DIRECTOR, LEO BURNETT (Judge 2009 + 2010) “As you get older in this business, no matter how hard you try not to, your work is conditioned by the economic forces that surround every brief... The work entered for the Chip Shop Awards is a free expression of the raw idea. It encourages daring brave, and sometimes, outrageous solutions, and pokes two fat hairy fingers at the norm.”

CHRIS O’SHEA, CHAIRMAN, 2006 “I love The Chip Shop Awards, and it was obvious that all my fellow judges do too. Perhaps that’s because the whole notion of them is deliciously subversive and daft, yet also deadly serious... It was great to see so many entries. Quite a few were brilliant. Most were pretty good. Curiously a fair number were, well, stinkers. I can only assume some creatives think that having work turned down by their Creative Director or client practically guarantees it a Chip Shop Award, what they fail to see is that it was turned down because it was crap.”

DAVE TROTT, CHAIRMAN, 2009 “I think the purpose of The Chip Shop Awards is to take the piss. To take the piss out of how seriously advertising takes itself. To take the piss out of advertising’s obsession with awards. To take the piss out of a little yellow wooden pencil elevated to the level of The Nobel Prize. And the symbol of a chip with a dollop of ketchup on it does that very succinctly.”

MICHAEL WOLFF, CHAIRMAN OF THE JUDGES 2008 & 2010 “Although awards deserve congratulation, and in many ways Chip Shop reconnects us with recognising wit and craft and great ideas just for what they are, don’t be seduced into thinking everything is fine and rosy. It isn’t. The world needs our insights, our imagination, our thinking and our inspiration to a higher purpose for our clients more that it ever did.”

DAVE WATERS, 2010 JUDGE “The Chip Shop awards are silly, irreverent, puerile and often offensive. Everything that’s being stifled out of advertising. In these austere times how refreshing to see such unfettered creativity. The first rule of advertising is Get Noticed. Something the Chip Shop celebrates unashamedly.”

01 2008 Chairman’s Award went to Lake for Jim the Window Cleaner

02 2006 Grand Prix went to Publicis for its Heritage rolling paper ad featuring Churchill

03 2003 Grand Prix went to Love for its Mr & Mrs Armstrong Wedding Invite (original work files have been lost from the Chip Shop archives - hence the small size) 04 First ever Grand Prix prize went to Oneagency in 2002 for Johnsons Ironing Service (once again, original work files have been lost from the Chip Shop archives)

05 in 2009 Chairman’s award, as chosen by Dave Trott, went to The Black Hole for The Sun does The Economist

06 2007 Grand Prix was awarded to Leo Burnett for its Heinz advert ‘Punch’

07 2006 Chairman’s Award went to Navigator Response Advertising for its London Transport work

08 2005 Grand Prix went to Sequoia for its Woolworths Star Wars Trilogy

09 2008 Grand Prix was in the can for National Galleries of Scotland

10 2003 Chairman’s Award went to MBD

11 Kissing Footballers won EHS4D the 2010 Chairman’s Award for Guinness

12 2005 Chairman’s Award went to Rick Kiesewetter for his “Need a Copywriter” campaign. Kiesewetter went on to work for Trevor Beattie, the chairman of the judges, as a result of his Chip Shop work Previous Page The first ever Chairman’s Award in 2002 went to The Union for its “Small Space” ad for Lothian & Borders Fire Brigade - Are You Dead?

13 2009 Grand Prix was given to Specsavers Optical Group for its parody of the Barclaycard advert

14 2007 Chairman’s Award went to Workhouse Marketing for Unibond/No More Nails

15 The most recent Grand Prix (2010) went to Rapier for Responsibly Beer

This year’s judging panel is as high profile as ever, with a heady list of European creative hot shots, so far including: Sergio Spaccavento, creative director, Now Available, Italy; TorstenPollmann, creative director, Euro RSCG GmbH, Germany; BetoNahmad, executive creative director, Draftfcb, Spain; Dave Waters, founder, Watermill; Rick Kiesewetter, creative director, Saatchi X; Adrian Burton, executive creative director, Lambie-Nairn; David Airey, designer; Laurence Quinn, creative director, JWT, Mike Durban, creative director, AMVBBDO; Monica Moro, executive creative director, McCann Erickson Madrid, Spain; and Nigel Clifton, creative director, EHSBrann, UK.

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