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BBC online cuts shows 'contempt' for hard working staff says NUJ

BBC online cuts shows 'contempt' for hard working staff says NUJBBC online cuts shows 'contempt' for hard working staff says NUJ

The National Union of Journalists (NUJ) has condemned the BBC’s plans to cut a quarter of its digital budget, meaning the loss of up to 360 jobs.

The BBC’s review will mean that hundreds of website will be closed, alongside hundreds of jobs being lost, which the NUJ has described as showing ‘contempt’ for its staff.

Said general secretary for the NUJ, Jeremy Dear; "The attack on BBC jobs and online services shows the BBC's contempt for hard-working staff. It makes no sense to cut back the BBC website as increasing numbers of people rely on the internet. The NUJ will not stand by idly if members are forced out of their jobs.

"Mark Thompson has turned logic on its head by announcing the cuts with a declaration that 'BBC Online has been a brilliant success'. The cuts in jobs and online content will seriously damage a service which has won widespread public support and is the envy of commercial competitors."

Dear continued, "The BBC's own public consultation showed that 46% of people supported the Online services and there was strong public opposition to a reduction in service.

"The BBC Online Review which has resulted in the cuts proposals was not subject to any public consultation and seriously damages the BBC's reputation for quality."

BBC Scotland expects to lose 12 roles as a result of the cut backs, while other regional offices have said that they are still to learn exactly how they will be affect.

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Anonymous (not verified)
25 Jan 2011 - 08:56
Anonymous's picture

I am laughing - now the public sector is being brought into line and now suffering the cuts that the private sector has been enduring for the last couple of years the end of the world is happening!! You have to understand WE CANT AFFORD YOU!!! Well paid, high pensions jobs, back to reality.

Anonymous (not verified)
25 Jan 2011 - 09:23
Anonymous's picture

Simple solution - don't pay your TV licence. Read www.bbctvlicence.com or search for TV licence inspector on YouTube and you'll see what a laugh it is.

Anonymous (not verified)
25 Jan 2011 - 09:32
Anonymous's picture

increase the TV licence!!

Anonymous (not verified)
25 Jan 2011 - 09:34
Anonymous's picture

I love the BBC and their website. Best thing on telly, best thing on the web. Happily pay an extra £1/month.


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