Most irritating ads of 2010 named and shamed

A summary of the adverts most likely to have viewers reaching for the remote control has been published by a marketing publication in a poll dominated by ads which are out of tune with viewers needs. has, once again, emerged as the biggest turn off on TV with respondents voting the discordant tenor with the fake moustache and toe curling jokes as the last person on Earth that they would want to invite into their living rooms.

There was stiff competition in the annoyance stakes however with the wheels coming off the

People voted in their droves to have the rusty banger scrapped but like an abandoned wreck at the side of the road it simply refuses to go away.

The legal profession also once again proved its high standing in public affections with the Gate Films ad for, ranking at number three and an awful Dale Winton vehicle in lumbered in at number three. Halifax’s DLKW Lowe “Howard” series rounded out the top five.

Unfortunately we are unlikely to have seen the last of Gio Compario and his ilk however, Gocompare state that the singer has netted a record deal following the success of his charity Christmas single.

Like a pneumatic drill these ads are far from subtle in hammering in their respective straplines to unwitting viewers, adopting the tried and tested technique of simply repeating the site address as many times as possible within a tuneless jingle.

“Fans” of the ads have even grouped together online to rewrite the lyrics into something more fitting. TheHobboman89 composed this poetic effort for Youtube: “go compare, go compare! give me a BAT to kill the TWAT at go compare!”

In advertising it seems there is no such thing as bad publicity.

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